Funding a Life You Want to Live

Wealth Management Services by Soltis

Financial Planning

Working together, we’ll develop a plan that aligns your financial goals with what brings you joy, so you can build the resources to support those things. We’ll evaluate probabilities and risks to identify your best financial planning options. Knowing your options, you can be confident as you make informed decisions and move forward in the life you choose.

Financial planning can be complicated. Reach out to a Soltis Advisor, and we’ll listen to your needs as we walk through your options.

As we create your financial plan, we’ll consider:

  • Retirement and other significant transition analysis
  • Cash flow analysis & modeling
  • Tax planning and coordinating with your accountant to make better strategic tax and portfolio management decisions
  • Risk management and insurance optimization analysis
  • Education funding and options
  • Stock option analysis and consulting
  • Charitable planning analysis
  • Estate planning and asset projections (to be used in collaboration with your attorney to develop more effective and meaningful estate documents)

Once your financial plan is created, Soltis will be in a better position to construct an investment portfolio focused on helping you achieve your financial goals. We measure our success by our ability to help you get what you want most out of life.

Wealth Management Services

After gaining a holistic appreciation of your resources and goals, we’ll design and implement an investment plan tailored to what you want most. Our proprietary process ensures we do everything with your best interest at heart. We call this process our Investment Management Discipline, and it consists of:

1- Your Investment Policy Statement
After understanding your most valued goals, we’ll personalize your Investment Policy Statement with a customized set of portfolio strategies. Your IPS includes asset allocation, performance expectations, risk characteristics, etc.

2- Recommend Asset Allocation and Manager Selection
Based on your IPS, we’ll recommend the specific asset allocations and managers that are the best fit for you.

3- Implementation
With your blessing and continued involvement, we’ll implement our recommendations using institutional partners that have no conflict of interest. As they manage your assets, you’ll have the security and flexibility to pursue whatever brings you joy. Our flexibility in portfolio construction includes multiple asset classes, including private alternative investments.

4- Monitor and Review
We continually monitor your asset allocation and the performance of all selected managers. When something changes, we’ll review your plan with you. Making any adjustments necessary, we’ll ensure your continued freedom and progress toward your goals.

Taxes can have a big impact on your current income, future income, and investment strategies. We understand the role that impact will play in your ability to live your life the way you choose. Sound tax planning can help you protect more of your wealth, empowering you to focus on more important things. You have options as to how you’d like Soltis to help with your taxes. We can assist with a trusted CPA relationship to complete your annual tax return in its entirety. We’ll collaborate with your personal tax advisors to develop a tax efficient financial plan so more of your resources are available for you and your goals. We understand the tax impact of different types of income, and how tax strategies can be used together to optimize how your resources are used. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Advise on stock options evaluation: how and when to exercise
  • Advise on distributions from your 401(k) or IRA: how, when, and what amounts
  • Provide Roth conversion analysis: the pros & cons and strategies to optimize their effectiveness
  • Recommend the best way to dispose of appreciated assets: sell, transfer or donate? Soltis’ expertise also includes Qualified Opportunity Zone Investments.
  • Recommend the best way to manage or dispose of underwater assets: hold or harvest losses to offset current or future gains?
  • Tax-aware portfolio management: low turnover equities, tax-exempt fixed income, gain and loss management, etc.
You’ve worked hard to build and retain your wealth so you can go after the things that mean the most to you. A personalized estate and gifting plan can provide tremendous peace of mind. Estate planning with asset protection ensures your assets are transferred to the people who are most important to you, in a time and manner of your choosing. It can also reduce or eliminate the risk of paying estate tax.

We’re here to make your estate planning process clear and understandable. After getting to know your goals, we’ll suggest strategies that may optimize the use of your estate assets. We can also collaborate with your attorney to explore and coordinate your estate planning with your financial planning.

Charitable giving not only blesses the lives of the recipients, but can equally bless your life and the lives of your family. Soltis Advisors can help you to first meet your lifestyle goals, and then determine how much of your wealth is available for charitable giving.
Just as important as knowing what you can give, is knowing how those gifts can offer the maximum benefit. We can help you evaluate various giving strategies and collaborate with your estate planning attorney to ensure your plan is designed and executed the right way. Your plan may include:

  • Charitable Lead or Remainder Trusts
  • Private foundations
  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Cash and / or in-kind gifting

We want to help you define your philanthropic vision. We’ll work with you to create a strategy that aligns your important charitable goals with the resources you plan to give over your lifetime.

Managing risk leaves you more free to enjoy living the kind of life you choose. With proper estate planning, unforeseen tragedies such as death or disability can jeopardize an otherwise well designed financial plan. Appropriate insurance policies can help you mitigate those risks, but insurance is a complex world. The sheer number of products available in the market may make it difficult to find the right solution.

Because Soltis does not sell insurance or receive any commissions, you can feel confident in our unbiased insurance analysis and recommendations. Our only interest is in helping you use your resources efficiently to meet your short and long-term goals.

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