Building Your Future on the Foundation of Our Past

Soltis Advisors was founded on one principle: to provide a competitive rate of return without conflicts of interest. Since our founding in 1993, we’ve continued to build on that foundation of doing what’s right for you, without interference from the bias commissions can create.

To create, build, and manage wealth so our clients are free to pursue life’s most important endeavors

In the fall of 1992, Lon Henderson was invited by his good friend, Hyrum Smith (founder of Franklin Covey) to manage the wealth generated by taking his company public. Hyrum invited Lon to leave his current employment with a renowned money management firm to become the “gatekeeper” of his family’s wealth.

Although intrigued and flattered by the offer, Lon wanted to do more than serve a single client. So he designed a firm based on a fee-only, non-conflict structure; a business model that was unique within the financial services industry.

Gatekeepers of Transparency

Lon Henderson had already been an early adopter of the fee-based money management model. So he presented his friend with a counter proposal to build a new company; one that was incentivized to manage wealth in a transparent, fee-only environment. This eliminated the inherent biases and aggressiveness of traditional Wall Street firms and aligned the firm’s agenda with their clients’ best interests.

Hyrum agreed, and on March 7th, 1993 Smith Henderson and Associates, the predecessor to Soltis Investment Advisors, was formed.

Joined by like-minded professionals like Hal Anderson, the firm’s non-conflict approach became part of a money management revolution that many advisors and clients have embraced over the past two decades. Today, led by the executive leadership of Lon Henderson, Hal Anderson, Tyler Wilkinson, Kim Anderson, Clark Taylor, Tyler Finlinson and Brent Moore, Soltis serves clients throughout the continental U.S., managing over four billion dollars for retail, institutional, public and private clients.