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Leading Through Chaos Webinar

John Choate, former Navy SEAL and Naval Officer shares essential leadership skills for times of stress and chaos. As a security expert and FEMA crisis response professional (as well as a former Navy SEAL), John is uniquely able to provide a different perspective on the root causes of the COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis management in place. He shares best practices to enhance your team/organization’s ability to respond. Watch now

13th Annual Client Appreciation and Wealth Management Conference

“Helping to Build your Future”
organized by Soltis Advisors  | September 26-27, 2019

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Welcome and Introduction of Conference Theme
Kim Anderson, President/CEO, Soltis Investment Advisors and Clark Taylor, Managing Partner, Wealth Management, Soltis Investment Advisors

Retiring the “Old Age” Story
John Diehl, Senior Vice President of Strategic Markets, Hartford Funds

Private Alternative Investment Strategy Updates:  Sundance Bay Real Estate Debt Fund
Stan Ricks, Director of Strategy and Investments, Sundance Bay Debt Fund

Dean Allara, Vice Chairman, Bridge Investment Group

Soltis Investment Outlook and Update
William Wallace, Chief Investment Officer, Soltis Investment Advisors

Public Equity Markets:  International Equity Market Opportunities
Lydia So, Portfolio Manager, Matthews Asia Small Cap Fund

Public Equity Markets:  Domestic Equity Market and Edgewood Portfolio Update
Larry Creel, Partner, Portfolio Manager, Edgewood Growth Fund

Enhancing Soltis Client Experience through Technology
Matt Brann, Managing Director, Strategic Partnerships, Soltis Investment Advisors and Taylor Beckwith, Client Relationship Manager, Soltis Investment Advisors